Wednesday, February 10, 2010

chanel 1956 and 1976

i wanted to compare the differences in these two chanel ads

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this one is from 1956
in it, the man and woman are both dressed appropriately for the season with their long coats. this was a classic trend in the 50's.
the body language in this ad seems to be a little timid. the woman is holding onto the man's arm in an almost shy manner.

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this is an ad from 20 years later in 1976
again, it is of a man and woman who are both dressed in a classy way. the woman's dress is form fitting, but not revelaing, which was not always the case in the 1970's.
however, the body language is this ad is much more playful. they both seem to be laughing as the woman hugs the man. this is a perfect example as to how portaying people in advertising has changed over time.